Kick Ads


Head south on Western Avenue by our office and you’ll spot a new billboard.

For us, the idea of Kick Ads sets a higher bar with a bolder vision than your traditional agency. It has attitude — a want to break the norm and make a statement.

Eva, our resident designer, was tasked with creating the first visual for M1’s new outlook on marketing. She said she used the graffiti style to give an otherwise normal-looking structure a bit of life and color.

“It’s rebellious and edgy, a bit fearless in wanting to say something in an artistic way,” Eva said. “But it also knows when it needs to be updated.”

We take a different approach to advertising. We try to be more imaginative, fun and compatible in a rapidly changing market. Changes happen fast, and we wanted to reflect that in our Kick Ads campaign.

We ask our clients to also be bold and push the envelope… to ask themselves “what is possible?” To put out more than just ‘ads’ and to let us help them develop ‘Kick Ads’ that will get their message across.

Media One makes Kick Ads to help our customers reach theirs with creative ideas that work.