Thanks for your interest in Media One!
We're excited to offer a rare opportunity to join our team!

Job Title: ASP.NET Web Developer/Coder; LAN manager
Base Salary: Generous based upon experience and capabilities.
Job Description: Develop, maintain and manage web sites and provide team support for Media One's LAN.

A rare opening in one of the region's most coveted employers. Job title pretty much says it. You will be operating virtually until Covid risk to our associates improves. If you know you're great, and can admit to a decent attitude, we want to hear from you! 

This is a full-time position, but if you are a student or currently encumbered, we're open to your starting part-time with flexible hours (with consideration to meetings and deadlines) eventually migrating into full time.

You'll be responsible for translating desired outcomes into user-friendly online experiences through your authorship of succinct, hygienic code in environments. You will work with a creative team that will assist you with design roughs and quality content assets.

Helpful knowledge and skills:
-ASP.NET Core apps/objects
-Third-party tools to improve functionality and productivity
-HTML forms; validating form data
-Continuous improvement of the user experience
-Incorporating real-time 3rd party client API's
-Securing ASP.NET applications
-Windows Server and LAN concerns; server maintenance
-Security certificate management

You'll need to understand advanced, and should have reasonable insight as to acceptable, secure 3rd party tools and objects to facilitate a flawless user experience.

Bring along a pleasant, positive attitude. But know its a free-wheeling environment with challenging top 5%'rs and zero micro-management. We'll throw you into the water; it'll be up to you to swim. A good sense of humor is a plus. Uh, probably necessary.

Job Summary:
Work with a hyper-talented team to create outstanding online UI's.
Execute the design within ASP.NET environments.
Create, execute and deploy digital content across a wide range of media channels.
Manage, deploy, and monitor email campaigns using a proprietary company system.
Deploy and manage the company's proprietary CMS, M1ContentPro.
Manage third-party hosting platform.
Help manage onsite LAN and fileserver.
Work as a team directly with clients to examine ideas and try improvements.
Access an award-winning creative team to assist with world-class content.
Pretty much whatever else that interests you.

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