Eva and Running - It's a Love/Hate Sort of Thing

I have a love/hate relationship with running. I love the runs that feel light and when the energy seems endless. I hate the days that the runs hurt, seem long, and feel heavy. The bad runs make the good runs amazing. Now that the weather is getting nice it’s even better. Getting outside and breathing in the crisp air on an early morning run, the warmth of a midday run, or the cool, dusky evening runs - I've found nothing better to invigorate the heart and soul.

Undeniably, running has many physical benefits. Aside from burning more calories than any other physical activity, running has a positive effect on our cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health. Our immune system also gets a notable boost, while our bone health and lung capacity benefit, too.

Then, there are the mental benefits. Running can help us improve our learning abilities and sharpen our memory, protecting the brain from premature aging. It can also decrease symptoms of depression, alleviate anxiety, and help you to sleep better. Since I've made running a part of my weekly routine, I've noticed a kick to my creativity and a boost to my self-esteem. I love it!

I often choose to run solo, as there's nothing like being alone with your thoughts and allowing yourself the time to reflect or just to get away. But, I know the benefit in running with a buddy or group, too. Sometimes, we might need that accountability piece to keep us from making excuses. Plus, running with others can make the miles fly by as you chat and catch up. You might even meet your BFF!

The Sioux Falls community has a fabulous support system for people to meet up with other like-minded runners and groups of any pace. Websites such as www.runsiouxfalls.org, www.siouxfallswomenrun.com, and www.run605.com are all excellent sources of all things running in Sioux Falls.

No one is too slow to be a runner. So, go for it. Just run. Everybody was once in that place where you are now. You won’t regret it!