"Being Creative" is in Everyone's Bones

Creativity is one of those things that you never seem to have enough of, but is something you are in complete control of. Now, tell me how that works… 

In the advertising world, it’s our job to summon fresh, creative energy and get to work finding solutions. Thinking differently is something we thrive on.

BB: “Without creativity, it’s near impossible to solve complex challenges.”

We try to do a variety of things at the Media One office to heighten our awareness of the complexity around us and to stay receptive.

DJ: “Colors, textures, sounds – all of that gets my brain going. Our senses can give us a lot to work with.”

There is always a game of Jenga going in the breakroom, jigsaw puzzles and fidgets lying around, and meetings that are called with nothing on the agenda but to brainstorm.

JR: “I love surrounding myself with things that I find appealing to the eye or things that help open my mind to larger possibilities.”

Team activities are important, but only half of the equation. It’s imperative that we cultivate creativity in our own ways, so we can later present stronger as a team. Sharon finds herself being drawn to her yoga mat or Pinterest to spark ideas.

SK: “My inspiration comes others. I like to spend time on Pinterest, probably too much time, and save all ideas that instantly get my attention. It really ignites the thought process and provides a jumping board for me.”

Danielle seeks inspiration in a similar space.

DJ: “I’m most often inspired by people. Life is a continuous breeding ground for stories, discoveries, contrast, and contradictions… you just have to be open to seeing the beauty of it.”

The best part? You cannot use up creativity. “Being creative” is in everyone’s bones; it’s all about finding ways to cultivate that work for YOU. It will quickly become clear that creativity is abundant, flexible, and everchanging. Brad recognizes the benefit of decluttering your mind and has discovered a silver lining in the day-to-day, mundane tasks on his to-do list.

BB: “Creativity seems to come easy when the mind is allowed to relax and wander. Like sitting at a stop light, in the shower, doing dishes… It can’t be forced.”

Jason decompresses in different ways, one of which is listening to stand-up comedy.

JS: “Seeing things from a different or odd perspective often makes us laugh, and much of comedy is simply that. It gets us thinking about something from a different point of view.”

What’s your perspective? Where do you source creativity from? Our challenge to you is two-fold:
1. Find your space. One where negative, restrictive emotions seem to disappear. Settle in.
2. Find your tool. Ride your bike, wash dishes, write, listen to music, or just sit. Experiment with different activities until one clicks.

All that’s left is to just DO. Whether you spend hours or just a few minutes, do it often. Creativity is out there (and, likely not far away).