Is There Something in the Water?

I've been lucky to work with some amazing and inspiring talent in my time here at Media One. It's one of the things that makes me love what I do. The daily closeness and collaboration with mentors that have become friends that still motivate and inspire me.

Three years ago, I was elated to hear our Director of Account Services Sharon Knoll was selected for the Silver Medal award by the SD Advertising Federation (Ad Fed). Not only did it mean that my friend and colleague, whom I've worked on hundreds of projects with, was being honored, it meant that I was able to do what I love – make a video for her. It meant that I was able to interview other people like me that she had inspired over the years. It meant sharing with everyone what we already knew – her talents, humility, passion, and undeniable impact.

Fast forward a year and I was once again ecstatic that my friend and colleague (and Crossfit buddy) Senior Art Director Eva Hofer was to receive the SD Ad Fed's Creative Legacy Award! I work with Eva on projects on a daily basis. Her design skills and attitude on art and marketing inspire me regularly. I was humbled to be able to produce a video highlighting her passions and the impact she has had.

Seeing a pattern here? This year, for the 3rd year in a row, one of my true friends and mentors was recognized by the SD Ad Fed. This time around, it was my predecessor, and incredibly talented photographer and cinematographer, Bill Goehring. I couldn't name a more real, inspiring, and influential teacher when it comes to the work I've done in my career. A true South Dakotan gem, Bill deserved to be honored as a Creative Legacy; his work truly speaks for itself.

Is there something in the water at Media One or is it the collaboration and environment that brings out amazing ideas and work in all of us? I'm not the greatest with words, so afforded the chances to create videos for three of my favorite people from Media One and share them with not only my marketing peers, but everyone else, was an amazing honor for me.

But, let me allow the videos to speak for themselves. Here's looking forward to what the future brings!