More Than A Teacher

Increased civic activism across America regarding primary and secondary education curricula has not left South Dakota untouched. As politically motivated measures have been inserted into the public conversation regarding content, experienced educators have come under scrutiny, in rare, extreme cases, challenging their commitment to comprehensive, unbiased instruction.

“More Than a Teacher” was created to remind people of the great lengths that teachers and support professionals go to serve their students and the community, and the depth of commitment and involvement it takes to effectively get their jobs done.

Secondarily, the effort was to reinforce the educator community advocacy undertaken by the South Dakota Education Association, SDEA, and encourage involvement and membership in the organization.

Television/online video spots were created using teacher interviews and video showing many of the things that teachers do that reach beyond their perceived role of educating students—far beyond the 3R’s – Readin’, Ritin’ and ‘Rithmatic.

Viewers were directed to an SDEA website landing page where they could view a range of similar interviews and were encouraged to anecdotally contribute.

The campaign ran 2 flights—Spring and Fall, 2022—and echoed the “It’s about our kids” theme created by Media One® for previous SDEA programs.

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