Currently, 1 in 3 people have prediabetes; most don’t know it and aren’t aware it can be reversed with proper diet and exercise. Working alongside the SD Dept of Health Diabetes Prevention and Control Program, Media One created a campaign that not only raised awareness about this reversible disease but also engaged the audience to be proactive with their health.

Through humorous scenarios, UndoTheRisk educates South Dakotans across the state about decisions that can’t be undone in comparison to prediabetes, which can be. With an easy-to-navigate website and a tailored online quiz, visitors are able to assess their risk for prediabetes and receive helpful information to help lower their risk.

To ensure the most at-risk audiences were reached, the second phase of the campaign led the team to develop a Spanish version of the quiz and targeted the Hispanic audience. The third phase of the campaign targeted American Indians throughout South Dakota. With more funding, the team hopes to reach other at-risk audiences.

To date, the quiz has been taken over 7,000 times with 45% of South Dakotan’s ranking >5. Campaign components also include TV, print, digital and social media driving the audience to take the quiz.

See below for a sample of one of the videos. To watch more of the creative videos and to learn your risk of prediabetes, visit https://www.undotherisk.com/