Funski in February?


With Great Bear's season starting later than ever, the Media One Funski Executive Committee has elected to reschedule the 35th Annual Event to February 2nd and 3rd, 2024 at Great Bear Ski Valley.

With that, we invite you to come out to Great Bear (open to the public all weekend long) and celebrate 35 years of FUNSKI!

Recent numbers at Children's Home Shelter for Family Safety have been very high. In fact, 25% higher year over year for December. Help us add to the nearly 1.1 Million Dollar total Funski has raised over the lifetime of the event by donating, participating or spectating!

Outdoor events in the wintertime can be a challenge but that hasn't deterred Media One's commitment to Children's Home Shelter for Family Safety. 

If memory serves us right, in the early years of the cross country ski event it was in the mid 50's and there was no snow at all. So Greg and organizers elected to ride their mountain bikes on the day of the event to ensure the event didn't die. In 2020, there was a deep freeze that kept Great Bear closed for the whole weekend. So there have been challenges to overcome and this year we'll call a "Late Start".

The 35th Annual Media One Funski, Benefiting Children's Home Shelter for Family Safety
February 2nd and 3rd, 2024
Great Bear Ski Valley
More info and full schedule here.