Bryon Middleton
Director of Audio / Video Services
When it comes to moving broadcast projects forward Bryon is always one step ahead, reaching strategic goals with creative genius. Nominated for several Emmy's, his skill is the result of many years producing documentaries for Public Television.

Relevant Skills
Bryon is a multi-Emmy Award nominated producer and director. He's been nationally recognized for his work on documentaries about the Vietnam War, Native American dance and others. He brings experience in K12 educational programming production, long and short form video and audio projects and live broadcast. For Media One's clients, Bryon is the complete left-brain/right-brain package – creating, writing, producing, directing, photographing and editing. Bryon produces strong storyboards and killer music.

Bryon has been a part of the Media One team for eight years following a six year career with South Dakota Public TV. He possesses strong conceptual skills backed by technical expertise for multi-media applications.

In his own words
"We've entered a time where everyone is carrying a camera, microphone and computer with them in the form of a smart phone. They're capable of uploading hours of content to countless video and social media websites. However, it takes a multitude of natural and learned skills to create quality, meaningful and effective work. That's where my experience, ingenuity and work ethic dominate – along with a delicate balance of confidence, humility and realism."

Bryon graduated from the University of South Dakota in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications with an emphasis in electronic media.

Bryon's interests include family, photography and music. You might also see him cruising in his vintage 66 Ford Mustang he restored with his father. Really, he's interested in most everything.