Eva Hofer
Sr. Art Director / Designer
Anyone familiar with Eva Hofer's work would love to have her on his or her team. Eva's skill set uniquely blends intelligence, practicality, hard-nosed marketing, and an incredible eye for detail, that few possess. Eva adds unique strength and depth to our creative and design teams. Good design stands still and looks pretty. Great design changes minds, moves ideas and product. Eva does great design.

Relevant Skills
Eva possesses extensive knowledge and experience designing, upgrading and/or unifying corporate branding systems for regional and national clients. She is a master typographer and interpreter of creative briefs. In life and in work, Eva is research- oriented and results-driven. She has long-term digital experience and finesse. She pretty much makes competitors jealous.

Eva has more than 25 years of agency experience. She came to Media One from Lawrence and Schiller in 1990. During her first ten years with us, she spent her time on financial, medical and gaming/tourism accounts. For several years she focused on her family and freelance work, then moved to BKG and Fresh Produce. She is back home at Media One – in an environment she knows will provide the best opportunity for her to do her best work.

In her own words
"People tell me I'm pretty thorough. I like to sort things out very carefully, creatively and spatially, before I start to form ideas. It's important to understand the noise in the marketplace and find a way to visualize the client's strategy that can attract eyes in crowded environments. It's exciting. I love the challenge!"

Eva graduated from Bemidji State University with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design.

Eva is married to Rick and has four children and a mini Schnauzer named Elvis. While her family comes first, she enjoys running, CrossFit training, the Walking Dead and naps when she can.