Jason Shea
Director of Interactive Services
When it comes to developing a strong online presence, Jason employs over 12 years of industry experience to produce online applications and websites that get noticed. Whether it's mobile design, ecommerce, online registration, or system integration, Jason's response is always "yes".

Relevant skills
Jason has expert knowledge in web design, development, systems analysis and design. He has an extensive background in ASP.NET (C#), HTML/CSS, MSSQL, SEO, and email marketing. Jason's focus on results-driven applications help our clients realize bottom-line results.

Jason has over 12 years of experience developing ecommerce solutions, registration systems, Facebook apps, online fundraising tools, and web-based solutions that integrate with enterprise level platforms. With a keen eye for interface and graphic design, he creates aesthetically pleasing sites with a focus on functionality.

In his own words
"Everyone knows they need a website, but they rarely understand why. Plenty of web design companies are out there building great looking sites, but they are missing a critical piece of the puzzle. The build-it-and-they-will-come approach is not effective. You need a marketing strategy to drive traffic, traffic not only measured by volume, measured by your bottom-line."

Jason has a BS in Computer Information Systems from Dakota State University. He received his MBA from the University of South Dakota.

Jason and his wife, Stevie, live in the McKennan park area with their four dogs. They can be seen walking in and around the area during their daily 5 mile walk. They are experienced travelers, most recently having returned from their second visit to China. Jason is a board member of the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society. He also enjoys boxing and watching movies.