John Fiksdal
President & Partner
As co-founder and president of Media One, John is proud of the hundreds of creative and marketing performance awards the team has won. John is fond of the Harvard Business Review, and for some reason, fountain pens.

Relevant skills
John is a recognized and respected marketing professional. He has broad experience in crafting and interpreting market research and in brand creation and management. He also offers long-term experience in regional, post-secondary research, branding, recruiting, capital campaigns and other stakeholder dynamics. In addition, John has school board, non-profit and corporate governance experience.

John is the current president of Media One and a founding partner. He is regularly involved with the administration of key state accounts. John is a highly successful issues-related political consultant. He is an author and/or consultant for research studies, data analysis, shareholder analysis, and strategic recommendations for regional and national clients. And, he's been recognized locally, regionally and nationally for creative excellence.

In his own words
"The best is to cajole friend-clients; to work together to generate fresh solutions to age-old problems; to succeed together. A job, for me, doesn't get any better."

John has a BA from Augustana College and completed additional studies in Journalism and Physics. He received his MBA from the University of South Dakota.

What doesn't John like to do? He's a self-proclaimed outdoorsman and mountaineer who enjoys camping, hunting, fishing and SCUBA. He is a licensed pilot. On the ground he enjoys reading philosophy and theology as well as politics. He finds pleasure in music, including serenading the staff of Media One on a regular basis, whether they like it or not. Not too humble to admit he gave up on golf.