Maria Schubert
Maria takes obsession to a new level regarding social media and writing. She enjoys staying in the loops on social trends, strategizing ways to improve the pages she manages and writing copy that comes from the heart.

Relevant Skills
Maria’s can-do attitude aids her in the ability to be flexible when it comes to copy changes and social media suggestions. Whether it’s a large project or a tiny post, passion can be felt in the work she does.

Maria has had the privilege to intern and work for a wide variety of clientele for the last six years. The skills she gained from those experiences include social media management, copywriting, social strategizing, and content creation.

In her own words
"Anyone can make a post on their social media page, but it takes a real weirdo to bet their professional career on the internet and social media being around forever."

Maria graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal Communications.

A woman of many interests, Maria enjoys playing video games, practicing her photography skills, shopping for new clothes and crystals, spending plenty of time with her friends, pets and occasionally taking a last-minute road trip to some random place. She will also admit her world mainly revolves around how adorable her pets are and she’s always down to share photos with those who ask.