Sharon Knoll
Director of Account Services
Sharon has a complete vision of the entire playing field for Media One's key clients. Staying ahead of the creative and account team with an eye on the big picture, she is responsible for making everything work together and smoothly. Seems like an unreasonable task, right? Not when you have Sharon's experience and subtle sense of humor. Smart people listen to Sharon. We do.

Relevant skills
Sharon is a seasoned strategic communicator who brings a comprehensive skill set and command of the marketing business. She understands the details and is always thinking of the big picture. She is accomplished in media strategy and analysis, account planning, and research. She has executive-level skills in managing key blue-chip and government account relationships. Does it sound like we're bragging? Just ask industry peers and competitors, they'll tell you, Sharon is well-respected.

Sharon offers more than 20 years of industry experience in agency, media and corporate settings. Sharon has been responsible for the strategic planning and placement of numerous, successful regional and national campaigns. She provides extensive account-management experience in numerous business and goverzment categories. In 2007 SME presented Sharon with the Distinguished Sales and Marketing award.

In her own words
"Satisfaction for me is finding that ‘ah ha' moment for our clients. The moment when the research and experience come together and big ideas are formed – ideas that drive the strategy, the brand and the consumer."

Sharon is a graduate of The University of Minnesota, Morris and the Chicago Media School.

While Sharon loves golfing, photography, reading, interior design and being active, her real focus is her family. A husband and three grown children keep her well-grounded in what is really important. Her Current passion is chalk painting under the "Shabby Knots" guise. She has a knack for taking a piece of otherwise boring and turning into something amazing!